Brand Identity

the nearest enrolment


Until March 2022


8-10 weeks

Form of study

2-3 times a week, evening time
(UTC + 02)


UAH 16000 ($ 620 / € 535) if paid in one single payment
UAH 9000 ($ 350 / € 300) each if paid in two payments till the 1 of January

UAH 18000 ($ 695 / € 600) if paid in one single payment
UAH 10000 ($ 385 / € 335) each if paid in two payments after the 1 of January

The course will help and teach you how to create identities (corporate styles, design systems, identities) for brands and people. We will learn what a modern identity consists of, we will learn to define the tasks and goals that it must solve, we will master all the necessary tools for creating working identities in any area. The program is suitable for beginners designers who want to master practical skills and learn tools for self-development and income.


  1. Introductory block

    What is an identity? What is a brand? Place of identity in graphic design, marketing, business, heads → Identity. Identification. Visual and other. Branding. Analysis of cases that illustrate different approaches → Every identity is: eternal, beautiful, working, fast, trendy. → Goals: SMB, corporations, umbrella brands, people's identities → Genres and industries: HoReCa, entertainment, digital product, digital, physical product

  2. Design background

    Typography in the identity. A brief history of typography. Identity in the font → Type logo → Lettering → Composition in identity → Color in identity → Perfect mix, proportions → Symbolism in design → Iconography (icons, symbols, small graphics) → Schools / styles / stereotypes / cliche

  3. Design Marketing

    Brief, task, goals → Research → Data collection and work with it → Basic tools → Focus on people → Values in design

  4. Design Systems

    What is the essence of the design system, why is it needed, how to assemble one and where to start? → Testing → Documentation → System design types

  5. Design Project

    The structure of the design project → Project stages → Sprint design → Communication → Presentation → Crisis management → What helps to manage projects → Criticism and working with it


The learning process ends with a final student’s project, consultation with the curator and then the presentation of the project.