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The next enrollment will be in 2024.

The Contemporary Art course program is an intensive course with all the most essential practices that progressive art education offers. The goal of the course is to create an experimental platform, where students, with the help of practicing artists and theorists, will have the opportunity to find their way in art, learn to work programmatically and systematically, be able to implement their project, and most importantly, their potential.

The course is aimed at studying the current approaches in art, developing critical thinking, mastering the skills necessary for a contemporary artist. The program will focus on theory and practice, where lectures and seminars on the history and theory of art are continued in practical classes. Practical sessions are aimed at understanding the relationship between form and content and represent a wide range of genres from drawing and painting to performance, installation, direct interaction practices, photography, and video.

During their studies, young artists will learn to understand the art system, will be able to independently create works in various media, present themselves correctly, create a portfolio, work with art institutions, and will already have several completed projects.

In practice, students will work with drawing, painting, photo, video, installation, new media, performance, learn to build their work on research, master the rules of visual presentation and sketches, master 3D programs for working on projects, and visualizing ideas. The course is built not only on mastering techniques and skills but, first of all, on tasks for developing artistic thinking, on combining different approaches. Workshops with invited artists are an important part of the training.

To enroll in the course, you need to fill out the registration form below. After that, one of the course coordinators will contact you and send you an application form for prospective students and a creative task to complete. The final stage of admission is an interview, the date of which will be appointed after receiving the completed creative task.


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Students will work with painting, drawing, photography, video, 3D, Photoshop, sound, video projection, installation, and performance.

In the first year, we offer students to master many different skills/ Much attention is paid to acquiring skills and mastering techniques. In the second year, students will pay special attention to working on a holistic work - to analyze various artistic strategies in contemporary art, learn to work on research, work on visualizing an idea, and 3D visualizing an exposition.