Copywriting (a grant program for war victims)

Recruitment 2023

Group recruitment continues until January 20.
Lectures will begin at the end of January.

learning format

2-3 times a week
7 pm Kyiv time


The program is free. It is created with the support of the USAID project "Economic Support of Ukraine" and is aimed at people affected by the war.

The program of the copywriting course is developed taking into account the characteristics of the audience and the main goal for this audience to take the course. After completing the studies, students will have the necessary skills to find a job as an Social Media Specialist, Copywriter, Community Manager.

The Distance course Copywriting was created with the participation and support of the USAID project “Economic Support of Ukraine”. The program was created for war victims. Namely:

– internally displaced persons

– veterans

– members of military servicemen’s families

– residents of the de-occupied territories

– people with disabilities

This is a distance learning program with the presence of students in virtual classes.
Classes are held 2-3 times a week.

In addition to lecture material, the course also consists of practical tasks for independent work and a final project for graduation.


  1. Work with texts

    Working with briefs→ Creative methods and techniques → Key message → Insights→ Writing long and short texts

  2. Social Media Marketing

    Analytics tools → Target audience research → Copywriting in interactive media and digital environments → SMM, SEO, headlines and AdWords → Strategy in social media marketing → Positioning and tone-of-voice communication → Features of copywriting for Facebook and Instagram

  3. Case studies

    Analyze examples of successful and unsuccessful campaigns

  4. Final classes and review of personal projects