Design Basic

the nearest enrollment

Admission deadline

Till November 15.
Lectures will begin in the second half of November.


8-10 weeks

form of study

2-3 times a week
19:30 Kyiv time


If you pay by October 31:
12,000 UAH in one amount or 6,000 UAH in two instalments.
If you pay after October 31:
14,000 UAH in one amount or 8,000 UAH in two instalments.

The Graphic Design Basic course is designed for those who do not yet have experience in graphic editors and would like to gain basic knowledge and skills in their use.

The program is suitable for those students who are just starting to study design and would like to learn the design software.

Classes will be divided into practical and theoretical modules. In the theory module, students will learn about the construction of a visual language system, working with fonts and the basics of prepress.

The practice involves training in graphic soft like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Figma.


  1. Introductory block

    Raster and vector graphics: differences and features → What is the Adobe Creative Cloud → What is design? General concepts, terms, and definitions → Technical issues and parameters of the required devices

  2. Raster graphics

    Introduction to the Photoshop course: the concept of "raster image", setting up the program interface, the concept of "workspace", personalizing the workspace, creating a new image, changing the main parameters of images, cropping and saving files → Ways to select areas of an image → Alpha channels and layer masks → Layered images → Working with layers: grouping, layer styles, opacity and blending modes, creating a montage based on multiple images → Beginning of editing and correction: general information about channels, creating and saving alpha channels, using a layer mask for non-destructive editing, basic image correction operations, fill layers, adjustment layers, standard filters → Basics of painting and retouching techniques: brush options, brush libraries, painting areas. Gradient Transitions, Clone Stamp Tools, Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch Tool, Content-Aware Move Tool → Step-by-step animations and mockups → Fundamentals of color theory

  3. Vector graphics

    Adobe Illustrator. Fundamentals: methods and principles of creating vector objects, size, color of objects and their outlines, methods of copying → Transform, align and move → Combining as an alternative to drawing: free-form objects, how to create complex objects from simple objects, combination methods are used in design, how classic logos work → Working with text: what fonts are and what they are used for, size, distance, text blocks, enable hyphenation → Working with color and color transitions: color models, color combinations, gradients, transparency → Tracing and coloring → Brushes and complex transformation → Decorating an illustration with effects

Course curators

  • Daria Stetsenko

    Graphic designer, specializes in visual identity, printing, and communication design.

Graphic designer, specializes in visual identity, printing, and communication design.

Daria Stetsenko