Graphic Design Advanced

Current admission

Application deadline

Til February 1
Lectures will start in the first half of February.


12-14 weeks

Form of study

2-3 classes a week
19:30 Kyiv time (UTC+02)


Payment by February 1:
₴14 000 ($382/€360) in one amount or ₴8 000 ($218/€206) in two installments

Payment after February 1:
₴16,000 ($440/€425) in one amount or ₴9,000 ($245/€240) in two installments

The course program is a combination of theoretical lectures and a large amount of practice. Students will learn design thinking, the basics of compositional analysis, working with color and fonts.

The main goal of the course is to create a foundation for personal development and maximize the creative potential of students, develop their visual thinking and creative abilities.


Design as a profession → Design for the real world. Design around us. Principles of design thinking → Creative techniques. Generation of ideas. Analysis-synthesis. Symbolism (semiotics) → Fundamentals of composition and compositional analysis → Color in composition → Basic concepts in graphics. Symbol / image → Basics of typography. Font and basic skills of working with it → Font logo. Sign. Pattern → Basics of layout of basic units (poster, business card) → Lettering and calligraphy → Corporate identification system. Design of corporate materials. Examples, industry specifics → Project work process and communication with the client. Project structure. What and when (not) to do → Work with a brief. Debriefing. Working brief. Evaluation of terms → Presentation skills, justification of decisions, interpretation of feedback → Work on the presentation, submission of material → Designer's portfolio → Strategy: understanding the audience, brand, insights, communication channels → Creative: creative techniques and methods

Course curators

  • Yevhen Velychev

    Illustrator, designer at Banda Agency, curator of Graphic Design Advanced course at KAMA

Illustrator, designer at Banda Agency, curator of Graphic Design Advanced course at KAMA

Yevhen Velychev
Projects and companies: Ukraine NOW, Monobank, NAMU, Pepsi, Uber, Bud, Comfy, Rocket, Borjomi, Molokiya, AVK, Shafa, Goodwine, Mac Paw, KAN development, Lun, Brave! Factory 2018, PinchukArtCenter, The, Monatik, The Weeknd and others.