Graphic Design Advanced

Current admission

Application deadline

Registration is open.
Lectures will start in August.


12-14 weeks

Form of study

2-3 classes a week
19:30 Kyiv time (UTC+02)


₴18 000 ($486/€450) in one amount or ₴10 000 ($270/€250) in two installments.

The course program is a combination of theoretical lectures and a large amount of practice. Students will learn design thinking, the basics of compositional analysis, working with color and fonts.

The main goal of the course is to create a foundation for personal development and maximize the creative potential of students, develop their visual thinking and creative abilities.


Design as a profession → Design for the real world. Design around us. Principles of design thinking → Creative techniques. Generation of ideas. Analysis-synthesis. Symbolism (semiotics) → Fundamentals of composition and compositional analysis → Color in composition → Basic concepts in graphics. Symbol / image → Basics of typography. Font and basic skills of working with it → Font logo. Sign. Pattern → Basics of layout of basic units (poster, business card) → Lettering and calligraphy → Corporate identification system. Design of corporate materials. Examples, industry specifics → Project work process and communication with the client. Project structure. What and when (not) to do → Work with a brief. Debriefing. Working brief. Evaluation of terms → Presentation skills, justification of decisions, interpretation of feedback → Work on the presentation, submission of material → Designer's portfolio → Strategy: understanding the audience, brand, insights, communication channels → Creative: creative techniques and methods

Course curators

  • Leva Yakovleva

    Graphic Design Specialist

Graphic Design Specialist

Leva Yakovleva