#KAMA ALUMNI: Anna Savchuk – the founder of the Shur Shur brand

Anna Savchuk is one of those who is constantly learning.
So at KAMA, she completed three courses: Copywriting, Fashion and Digital Marketing, and also passed several intensives within the Winter and Summer School.

Anya, you studied at KAMA. What has changed in your life since that period?

After studying at KAMA, I wanted to work for the Banda agency. I thought that I would fit perfectly into their team with my creative thinking. However, I didn’t put a lot of effort into making this happen – I just approached Pasha Vrzhesch during the ping pong game and accidentally broke the ceiling lamp because I was very stressed. After this, I blurted: “If you want your ceiling lamps to be replaced frequently as well, hire me.” They didn’t, and I am grateful for that to this day.  

Then I developed my own brand but didn’t launch it right away. I got scared and received a million rejections from the manufacturers. I decided that it would be easier to start a construction company. So I did. And then closed it a year after. At some point, I finally gathered courage and determination and launched the lux brand of knitted stockings Shur Shur.

What do you do now?

I am CEO and Creative Director of Shur Shur. I’m working on building relationships with international contractors. Participate in collections creation and shootings organization. A lot of operational tasks are still on me because we expand our staff little by little. When I or someone else from the team can’t manage the workload, we decide to hire a new employee. I think that this is the right approach to the process of building a team in our reality.

Tell us about your most interesting cases.

As an entrepreneur, I consider our packaging one of the cool cases. When I was designing it, I was thinking only about my feelings. A glamorously packed pair of stockings on a velvet pillow appeared as the result. You can draw a parallel with a jewelry box where we keep things that are meaningful to us. Like first photos of your child taken with Polaroid or a favorite silk shawl that reminds you about the first date. And on top of all that, we applied the first stockings perfume Hug Me. In other words, we got sophisticated… 

For this branding, developed by the CREVV agency, we received the major design award – Red Dot 2020 Communication Design: Brand Design and Identity. And, by the way, about the fantastic networking at KAMA: I met the guys from CREVV right there.

What advice would you give to those who only start working in the creative industry?

Listen to different opinions but make your own conclusions. If you lack knowledge – study, if you lack experience – work. Try new things. Go towards your goal and don’t be afraid to change direction. Maybe, the next turn is exactly right.