Graphic Design

Creative Advertising

2023 — 2025 admission

Start of the admission

Until September 1
Classes start on the first part of September


2023/09 — 2025/06

Form of study

Daytime (Monday — Friday), classes start at ten thirty


The first year (1/2 semester) — 60,000 UAH per semester
The second year (3/4 semester) — 70,000 UAH per semester

In connection with the martial law, a discount of -50% is valid until August 1.

The two-year program of the "Creative Advertising" course is designed specifically for those who would like to discover their creative potential and implement themselves in this direction, and after completing the course, to start their career in advertising or related industries.

The course includes subjects like basics of design, copywriting, art direction, screenwriting, film making. It also consists of general subjects, specialized theory, the study of basic graphics editors, video applications, and a large number of practical experience.
The program pays great attention to the general development and broadening of the horizons of our students. Through the study of the history of different types and genres of arts, the foundations of philosophy and psychology, students learn to analyze and understand the world around them in a global context, to feel the trends in society and technology. This allows them not to feel isolated and to be confident in their global competitiveness.
The assessment system in our Academy is based on a practical approach: presentations of student projects, feedback from teachers, and mentors of the course. This has a very positive effect on the quality of students’ projects, on their ability to independently objectively evaluate their own work, and the development of presentation skills.
To enroll in the course, you need to fill out the registration form below. After that, one of the course coordinators will contact you and send you an application form for prospective students and a creative task to complete. The final stage of admission is an interview, the date of which will be appointed after receiving the completed creative task.



    Futurology → Logics → Culturology → Art history → Psychology → Philosophy → History of media, advertising, cinema → English (general and special)


    Copywriting → Design basics, branding systems, communicative design, typography → Motion design and animation → Interactive media and new technologies → Basics of directing, advertising filming, working with a script, basics of video editing → Creative methods and systems for evaluating ideas → Strategy → Creativity in digital → Photography and post-production → Illustration


    Adobe Photoshop → Adobe illustrator → Adobe InDesign → Adobe After Effects → Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut → Sketch



Practice includes both individual work and teamwork. Team practice is often based on working with real clients. Students learn to work with real brands and real customers, understand their needs, audiences, and build a portfolio of completed projects, which becomes a “business card” and a great advantage in further employment.