The duration of training differs depending on the chosen course. From intensive programs for 8 weeks to fundamental ones that last up to 5 months.


Remote, in the format of webinars and workshops
2-3 times a week at 19:30 Kyiv time


Distance education involves the presence of students in virtual classrooms, communication with the group, lecturers and curators in real-time, independent work, assignments and teamwork.

The learning process itself retains the main principles and formats of KAMA.  Practice – an important and integral part of learning. It is built on maximum interaction with real brands, people and the modern context. Our lecturers are practicing professionals who use a mentoring approach and give detailed feedback to their students.

Check the programs:

  • Visual Arts for Music

    This course is designed to help individuals merge music and visual arts by exploring techniques for creating captivating visuals for music, covering areas like music videos, graphic design, live visuals, and merchandising, ultimately enhancing both creativity and technical skills while offering industry insights.

  • Design Basic

    The program is suitable for those students who are just starting to study design and would like to learn the design software. Classes will be divided into practical and theoretical modules. In the theory module, students will learn about the construction of a visual language system, working with fonts and the basics of prepress. The practice involves training in graphic soft like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Figma.

  • Graphic Design & Branding

    The course program is suitable for those who already have some theoretical and practical training in the field of graphic design and want to deepen their knowledge and skills.

  • Motion Design

    The course focuses on creating stylish and quality animations. We will cover the basics of working with After Effects, basic animation principles and the pipeline, and work with the character. This course is suitable for both experienced graphic, web or UI / UX designers, and beginners who just want to get started with motion.

  • UX/UI Design

    The course program is suitable for both graphic designers with some experience who want to expand their specialization and learn how to create projects for the Internet environment as well as for novice web designers.

  • Video Editing

    During the training, students will learn the basic principles and classical installation techniques, learn a lot about the features of working with sound and color grading. Learn how to edit in Adobe Premier. And they will work with different video formats: music videos, commercials and short-form videos.

  • Communication Management

    The course is suitable for those who are interested and work in the field of public relations and brand communications.

  • Brand Management

    We will provide tools for building and working with brands of different categories in B2B and B2C markets. Our teachers will guide you from defining a niche in the market and creating a new brand positioning to launching an advertising campaign and evaluating its results.

  • IT Product Management

    The IT Product Management course is designed for those who want to learn how to manage IT projects and effectively interact with development teams, marketers and stakeholders. This course will enable you to explore the basic processes of project management and understand how to set up work on your own product and ensure its promotion in the market.

  • Digital Marketing

    Those who would like to work in digital but do not yet have enough knowledge will receive a decent base to apply for positions of media planners, strategists, analysts, art directors or digital creators in media and digital agencies.

  • Social Media Marketing

    The course program provides a full immersion into Social Media Marketing and digital tools, learning of all the components and processes that make up SMM. As part of the course, students will learn how to develop a strategy for promoting and developing a brand on social networks using the most effective tools. The course is practice-based - during the training, students will work through several tasks from clients.

  • Marketing Strategy

    The Marketing course is suitable for business owners, strategists and creative teams, marketing and brand managers and anyone who wants to learn how to create clear and effective strategies that can be described in two words.