IT Product Management

Nearest enrollment

Admission deadline

Till August 2023.
Lectures will begin in August 21, 2023.

Course duration

12-14 weeks

Form of study

2 classes a week
19:30 Kyiv time


18 000 UAH ($480/€444) in one amount or 10 000 UAH ($266/€246) in two installments.

In this course, you will learn how to manage technology products and make their working versions. You will become a part of a closed community, where you will receive support 24/7 and have your questions answered by other students, professional developers and recruiters.

The IT Product Management course is designed for those who want to learn how to manage IT projects and interact effectively with development teams, marketers and stakeholders. This course will give you the opportunity to explore the basic processes of project management, understand how to work on your own product and ensure its promotion in the market. During their studies, students will have a practice, where they will develop their skills of communicating with designers and developers, researching the end-user and the specifics of different types of technological products, creating a business model and analyzing its effectiveness. At the end of the course, you will be able to make prototypes of IT products with Figma, use product metrics and have a cool professional CV that will allow you to easily go through complex interviews with real employers in the field of IT Product Management.


Intro to product management: responsibilities, trends, research →
Teamwork: interaction with stakeholders, development team, other departments →
Product development life cycle →
Product discovery: how to research your product/users and understand where to dig →
Figma for products and how to communicate with designers. Prototypes creation →
Development and how to set a technical task for the development team →
Validation of hypotheses or how to save on development without doing excessive stuff →
Product metrics and what is analytics →
Product business model: how to choose the right one →
Marketing and virality: how a product manager interacts with marketers, how to create products that people would recommend to each other →
Specifics of work in b2b and internal b2b products →
Specifics of work with various products. How to make games/casinos/dating apps →
Making the right CV →
Meeting the dragon. Mock interviews with product managers who hire in real life →
Case presentation and defense

Course curators

  • Daria Popova

Course lecturers

  • Serhiy Kovtun

    Ex-Product Manager at Parimatch Tech and ProductCamp Ukraine co-founder


Daria Popova
Product Manager в, Ex-Headway

Ex-Product Manager at Parimatch Tech and ProductCamp Ukraine co-founder

Serhiy Kovtun