UX/UI Design

Admission period

Recruitment is ongoing.

Course duration

8-10 weeks

Form of study

Distance learning
2-3 classes a week at 19:30 Kyiv time


₴16,000 ($440/€425) in one amount or ₴9,000 ($245/€240) in two installments

The new distance course Web Design is designed for those who want to learn how to create relevant projects for the Internet environment.

The course program is suitable for both graphic designers with some experience who want to expand their specialization and learn how to create projects for the Internet environment as well as for novice web designers.

Students will have both theoretical and practical classes, which will give them the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create a project from scratch and present its final version.

During this course, you will learn how to work with online editors such as Figma, Notion, Readymag, and Webflow.


  1. Design Research

    Design thinking process → Primary and secondary research methods → Ideas generation and evaluation → Prototyping: from sketches to hifi screens

  2. Web Design Essentials

    Website structure → Tools → Figma workshop → File organization → Composition, typography, colors → Grids → Responsive & Adaptive → Modularity → Patterns → Guides → Accessibility → UI Kits

  3. Web Design Next Steps

    3D in web design → No code tools: Readymag, Webflow, Notion

  4. The World of Design

    How to live and breathe design → Finding the first job → Portfolio → Studio, product and freelance specifics

  5. Teamwork workshops

    How to deliver a website for development (with a front-end engineer) → How to communicate with management (with a project manager)

Course curators

  • Maria Vodopyanova

    Multidisciplinary designer, Product Designer at Respeecher, UX Designer at Pivdenny Bank.

Course lecturers

  • Slava Bondar

    Graphic designer at Banda

  • Anastasia Alekseeva

    Lead designer at Pivdennyi bank

  • Anastasia Kolvach

    Art director at bn digital.

  • Mariya Kotemako

    Graphic designer аt Banda Agency


The practical block of the course consists of two parts:

I. Introduction to project based learning

You will learn by practice from the very first day till the end of the course. You will select a project which you are passionate about and which allows you to apply what you've just learned and then constantly develop it by researching, experimenting and prototyping. By successfully applying the knowledge from every workshop in your project, you fill your web design competence profile. By the end of the course, you will clearly see which skills you have and which ones have to be developed.

II. Final masterpiece

Time to challenge you to apply all the skills and competencies you have acquired. You will create your own project from scratch, present it and add to your newly created web designer portfolio.

Multidisciplinary designer, Product Designer at Respeecher, UX Designer at Pivdenny Bank.

Maria Vodopyanova

Graphic designer at Banda

Slava Bondar

Lead designer at Pivdennyi bank

Anastasia Alekseeva

Art director at bn digital.

Anastasia Kolvach

Graphic designer аt Banda Agency

Mariya Kotemako