Marketing Strategy

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Lectures will begin in November 25.

Course duration

10 weeks

Form of study

2-3 classes a week


18 000 UAH ($480/€444) in one amount or 10 000 UAH ($266/€246) in two installments.

Strategy is the key to marketing effectiveness. Even the most creative creative can be wasted if it doesn't work for strategic goals or is too disconnected from the people it's created for. Therefore, in this course, we will learn how to build a bridge from the marketing task to the end consumer with the help of a (brand) strategy.

This course is a base on strategies and marketing, in which we will go from point A to point B together: figure out where the problem is actually hidden in the client’s brief, understand how to form and conduct research that will allow you to really understand the consumer better, and learn how to create creative solution, having found such an insight desired by everyone.

The course is suitable for:
– creative and brand strategists who work in agencies and want to flex their strategic muscles
– brand managers and marketers who work on the client’s side
– business owners who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of strategy and understand how to work with an agency
– everyone who wants to get a start in marketing and/or creative industries


  1. Introduction

    What is strategy?→ Who is a strategist?

  2. Point A

    How to understand the problem and which of them can be solved by communication?→ How to form a task from a problem?

  3. Vector

    Why do strategists and businesses need research?→ What is it, how to use it?→ How to conduct interviews?→ How can data be analyzed?→ How to utilize research results?→ Where is the insight hidden in them?

  4. Point B

    Value proposition as a reactive response to insight→ Brand strategy as a solution→ Where the strategy ends and the plan begins?→ Media mix and communication planning. KPIs→ How to brief a creative team?→ How to evaluate their work as a strategist?→ How to brief the media? How to evaluate the offer?

  5. Final class and review of the students' personal projects

Course curators

  • Liuda Bey

    Strategist at Banda

Strategist at Banda

Liuda Bey