until September 2021


2 years
2021/10 - 2023/06

Form of study

classes start at 10:00


first enrollment before 01.04.2021 — UAH25,000/semester
the second before 08/01/2021 — UAH30,000/semester
third admission until 09/28/2021 — UAH35,000/semester

In 2019, Kyiv Academy of Media Arts opened the first enrollment for two-year educational programs with a full-time course in three directions: Creative Advertising, Graphic Design, Contemporary Art.

  • Creative Advertising

    The course includes subjects like basics of design, copywriting, art direction, screenwriting, film making. It also consists of general subjects, specialized theory, the study of basic graphics editors, video applications, and a large number of practical experience.

  • Graphic Design

    The two-year program is designed for those who would like to connect their professional journey with design and in 2 years master all the necessary skills, gain sufficient knowledge, experience and at the same time have an established portfolio that will allow them to be competitive and help in finding employment after graduating the course.

  • Contemporary Art

    The goal of the course is to create an experimental platform, where students, with the help of practicing artists and theorists, will have the opportunity to find their way in art, learn to work programmatically and systematically, be able to implement their project, and most importantly, their potential.

These three courses are created as an alternative to the classical educational process, which will give young children an opportunity not to look for something least remotely reminiscent of what they dream of, not to waste time in obsolete institutions that will not give them the experience they need in a modern world.

We have captured the main principles of KAMA and brought them to the two-year programs, which means that all lecturers of specialized subjects are practicing professionals, general theoretical programs are developed specifically and separately for the needs of different areas of study, practical work – an important and integral part of learning – is built on maximum interaction with real brands, people and current context.