UI Design

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Admission deadline

Registration is open.


12-14 weeks

Form of study

2 times a week (Monday and Wednesday
7:30 PM Kyiv time


18 000 UAH ($480/€444) in one amount or 10 000 UAH ($266/€246) in two installments.


In this course, we will focus on designing mobile applications. We will cover everything from briefing to delivering final designs. You will learn how to create interfaces that are visually appealing, user-friendly, and effective for achieving your project’s business goals.

Students who have completed all homework assignments and successfully presented their project will receive a bonus. Leading experts in design and HR will help you create a portfolio and CV, identify your strengths, and prepare for interviews.

For whom:
For beginners in interface design who are already familiar at a basic level with the main design principles. Graduates of Web Design, Design Basic.

Basic knowledge of Figma is required.


  1. Visual design

    Get creative and develop a concept of your first application → The main goal is to learn how to work with references, apply compositional techniques, and properly use guidelines → We will also dive into current design trends, interface patterns, best practices in the market, and learn how to adapt these solutions to our projects.

  2. Strategy & Discovery

    We will learn how to properly create a brief and get to know clients during a kick-off meeting → Module includes design thinking methodologies and how to apply them in practice → We will conduct market research and learn how to structure and analyze our data.

  3. Development

    We will go deeper into the nuances of designing for mobile devices. It covers how to work with content and text in design and how to properly handle negative scenarios and errors → We will create a prototype of a course project and conduct usability testing → You will also learn how to interact most effectively with other team members, especially developers → You will also learn what developers do with your designs and how to make delivery stage easy and fast.

  4. Presentation and job search

    We will present the project to the client, receive feedback, and prepare for job search → Students who have presented their projects will receive assistance in portfolio design and CV creation.

Course curators

  • Anastasiia Aleksieieva

    Lead Product designer at Bank Pivdenny

Course lecturers

  • Maria Vodopyanova

    Multidisciplinary designer, Product Designer at Respeecher, UX Designer at Pivdenny Bank.

  • Vitaly Kravchuk

    VFX & Motion artist

  • Oleksandr Neminskyi

    Lead IOS developer at Bank Pivdenny

  • Daria Kirsenko

    HR Director в Artkai

  • Mariana Buchkovych

    Lead designer в Obriy Design Büro


Lead Product designer at Bank Pivdenny

Anastasiia Aleksieieva

Multidisciplinary designer, Product Designer at Respeecher, UX Designer at Pivdenny Bank.

Maria Vodopyanova

VFX & Motion artist

Vitaly Kravchuk
Creates graphics for commercials, music videos, and games. Works with 2D and 3D animation, interface animation, VR / AR, photorealistic rendering, and dynamic simulations. Clients include: Sony, Martini, Durex, OTP Bank, UFO TV, Hacken, Letyshops, Sandora, Vichy, Schwarzkopf, Zhilyova Lingerie, AxDraft, Hotspot Shield, Benchmark

Lead IOS developer at Bank Pivdenny

Oleksandr Neminskyi

HR Director в Artkai

Daria Kirsenko

Lead designer в Obriy Design Büro

Mariana Buchkovych