Tuesday/26 April,20:00

WEBKAMA Talks: Mykyta Gluschenko



Online meeting on Zoom


April 26
20:00 Kyiv time


Participation is free, but registration is required to get a link to the meeting

The third online episode of the fifth season of WEBKAMA Talks will take place on April 26. This time our guest will be Mykyta Glushchenko – the founder of the Komm zu mir Production studio and the screenwriter and producer of the project “Eagle and Tail”. During the meeting at Zoom, we will talk to Mykyta about storytelling in wartime.

The guest of the next WEBKAMA Mykyta Glushchenko has been writing scripts for TV movies, series and programs for more than 10 years. During this time, he worked with such media companies as 1 + 1, Novyi Kanal and STS, and realized projects “House of Happiness”, “Upside Down”, “Eagle and Tail”, “Good evening”, “The best week of my life” and many others.

In 2018, Nikita founded the full-cycle video production studio Komm zu mir Production, which made music videos for Ivan Dorn and together with Red Pepper Film worked on the joint production of his shows “Worthy Year 2.0” and “Why so sour?”. The company also participates in the projects “Cops at work”, “Send Bednyakov” and many other entertainment programs.

Today, Glushchenko has become part of the War Against War community and has to adapt his talent as a storyteller to wartime conditions. This is what we want to talk to Mykyta at our online meeting to learn about opportunities for creative workers in the current circumstances.

We hope that together we will be able to find answers to difficult questions that now concern every creative person. Join us next Tuesday and do not miss the chance to communicate with professionals in the creative sphere in an informal atmosphere, where everyone’s voice will be heard.

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