#KAMA_ALUMNI: Victor Kinshov – CEO & co-founder ROIBOY agency.

Victor Kinshov is a graduate of the STRATEGY course.

Victor, you studied at KAMA. What has changed in your life since then?

I joined KAMA with a four year experience of an agency work. I wanted to systematize the knowledge and experience I had at the time, “to breathe some fresh air.” This was the first enrollment in the Academy, so we were students of #KAMA1.

After completing the “Strategy” course, I moved from a local to a network agency – Havas Digital, and from there I was invited to VKontakte Ukraine.

After some time my partner and I created our own performance agency ROIBOY, which we have been developing for 5 years.

What do you do now?

At ROIBOY, we work on purchasing and monetizing traffic on Google, Youtube and social media for projects around the world. We deal exclusively with paid traffic and its conversion. One of the distinctive features of our team is that all of our employees work remotely. This gives them the opportunity to move around the world in peace, and us – to be able to strengthen the team of professionals from different cities and countries.

Tell us about your most interesting cases.

For a long time we have been collaborating with very interesting projects such as Goodwine, ttswtrs, brave! Factory and many others.

For me, the cool thing about our work is that there is always the opportunity to test yourself in new areas, launches in different markets – from India and Dubai to the United States of America.

What advice would you give to those who are just starting out in the creative industry?

I wish they could have a better understanding of how creativity can help to achieve their main goals. Many of the works I see are often more reminiscent of memes about the cat looking at the fish – beautiful, but rather show than sell. It is important to always ask yourself “why?”. I will advise just that.