“Teacher’s Day”

For us, there is nothing more inspiring than professional achievements and successes of our students, and, of course, lecturers and curators of KAMA.

In the portfolio of Oleksiy Pasichnik – creative director, screenwriter, director and tutor of our Filmmaking course more than 140 awards from local and international advertisement and television festivals. And here is the new reason to be proud of Oleksiy!

The first short film by Pasichnik “Teacher’s Day” for the first time has been officially approved for the international film festival The Paus Premieres Festival.

We’ve asked him about the process of filming.

I’ve filmed “Teacher’s Day” as my graduation work as a director at the Institute of Journalism, Cinema and Television at Kyiv International University.
The film’s idea has been generated by the necessity to film it on my budget, so every action happens in the same location – in an elevator.

I wanted to create a story that is going to be as unexpected as it can be for the viewer, with radical plot twists.

It was very interesting to explore the nature of good and bad, understand to what extent a human can remain one in the toughest circumstances. So, after three months of work, we had a harsh and ambigious screenplay.

Interestingly, the shooting was happening on a film set that was built in one – but very long – day.

The film wouldn’t be possible, if not for the team that worked on it with me. It is a co-writer of the screenplay Nastya Lezhneva, a first cameraman Denis Luschik, beautiful actors Kostya Daniluk, Dasha Krivoshei and Katya Shenfeld, and, of course, production No Stars represented by Lera Gavrilova and Vanya Krutous, and lots of amazing people.

As a result, has been created a film that leaves noone indifferent. 100 from 100 available points for my diploma, and now screening for international fiml festival The Paus Premieres Festival only confirms it”.

We wholeheartedly congratulate Oleksiy and wish him luck at the festival!