#KAMA18: The enrollment of students in the evening offline study groups has been extended

The eighteenth enrollment of students in evening offline study groups continues at KAMA. This year, we have prepared 19 courses of different directions and duration.

However, due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine and the active military operations on the territory of the country, the start of training has been postponed. We will be able to announce new dates after the end of the martial law period. We expect that the lectures of the new courses will be able to begin a month after the restoration of peacetime.

We hope for the best. Death to the enemies!

Information about the training program and payment terms can be found in the menu “Evening programs”.

ADVERTISING & MARKETING: Art Direction, Creative Copywriting, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Brand Management

DESIGN: Design Basic, Graphic Design Advanced, Web Design, UX Design, Illustration Basic, Illustration Advanced

IT: Product Management

FILM: Filmmaking, Video Editing

FASHION: Fashion

CREATIVE WRITING: Creative Writing

NEW MEDIA: New Media

ART: Artist, Art Management